5 Reasons You Should Go for Designer Sarees

Designer Sarees

Choosing the perfect attire for any function or occasion can be a daunting task, especially for women. This is because of the dynamic nature of the fashion industry and differences in personal preferences of a group of people gathered for an event. So, how can you dress up in a way that appeals everyone, caters to the requirements of an event and also helps you feel pretty good about yourself. This is precisely why designer sarees have recently taken the world by storm. Today, different generations of women from young college girls to middle-aged women can be seen dressed happily in a designer saree and interacting confidently with everyone in various social spaces.

There are numerous reasons that have increased the popularity and splurged the sale of designer sarees all over the globe. Below highlighted are top 5 reasons that will entice you too, into indulging in one or more of these sarees:

They are available in a range of colours and designs:

You can never have ‘too many’ Indian designer sarees even if you have a separate wardrobe filled with them. The impressive variety available in this category will compel you to have one in every possible colour and design. There are designer sarees available for daytime occasions, evening parties, simple get-togethers, lavish weddings, festival celebrations and every other event where you feel like standing out from the rest in an elegantly draped, exclusively designed saree. Moreover, recently a number of fashion designers from India have made a mark in several international fashion shows. Their designs and collections are much sought after all over the world. Thus, it can be a clever decision to pick a saree designed by one of these internationally acclaimed designers to attend any event outside India as well.

Colorful Designer Saree

They are comfortable:

Every designer saree is produced keeping in mind the comfort of the person wearing it. Hence, it is not just about making an ever-lasting impression on all the guests present at an event but also about enjoying the event wearing something you can carry off very comfortably. Since the material used in a designer saree is of premium quality, it can be draped easily without worrying about the fabric irritating your skin. Some of these sarees are, in fact, pre-stitched to be worn simply as a long skirt. It is only the pallu attached to the skirt that needs to be adjusted and if required, pinned to the blouse. It is almost impossible for others to tell the difference between a readymade, pre-stitched saree and a regular, six-yard saree.

Pre-Stitched Designer Saree

They are exclusive:

When you buy something fashionable, you usually end up seeing the entire town flaunt the same or similar dress on special occasions. Ultimately, it comes down to choosing between wanting to ‘fit in’ and wanting to make a unique and elegant appearance at a function. Designer sarees help you to set yourself apart from the crowd in an appealing way.


Some designer sarees are part of an ethnic collection. For example, supposing you wish to attend a traditional Tamilian wedding that calls for a silk saree – you can easily opt for a designer silk saree which will satisfy all the requirements of a Tamilian wedding and also appear exclusive. Thus, a variety of designer sarees are excellent ethnic wear options for every culture, traditional, religion, and region in India.

Designer Silk Saree

They never go out of style:

One of the best things about designer sarees is that you never have to worry about wearing an out-dated dress to a function. Designer sarees are always produced as per the latest trends in the market and the general inclination of the public towards a specific pattern or material. Moreover, since it is a unique design that cannot be categorised into a specific subtype, it stays evergreen for years to come. Utmost care is taken while embellishing the saree with beads, thread work, stones, zardosi work, zari work, sequins etc. Every piece of decoration used to enhance the overall look of a designer saree is of high quality that is not likely to come off easily.

Heavy Work Designer Saree

They are Cost-Effective:

Everyone believes designer sarees to be way too expensive. While it is true that these are relatively costlier than other heavy-wear sarees, it is also true that every penny invested in a designer saree is totally worth it. It is definitely a better purchase than two heavily embroidered sarees that might go out of fashion in a year or two. Moreover, with designer sarees, you don’t need to be an expert to ensure that the material and work is of premium quality. These sarees last for years if maintained properly, unlike many heavy-wear sarees that wear out after wearing a couple of times.

Stone Work Designer Saree

Also, if you keep an eye on certain authentic online stores, you might avail considerable discounts offered on different designer sarees. Many online stores provide the facility of getting the dress exchanged in case you are not happy with the delivered product.

Jacquard Designer Saree

For all the above-mentioned and several other reasons, it is a must for your wardrobe to boast of at least a couple of designer sarees. They must be your first preference to look stunning in any social gathering. With a few designer sarees in your closet, you will never feel the need to go shopping exclusively for an upcoming function. Just grab one of your designer sarees pair it with some classy jewellery and subtle make-up, and you are good to go!

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