How to Choose your Wedding Designer Lehenga

Wedding Designer Lehenga
Wedding Designer Lehenga

A wedding calls for the desire of wearing and adorning something exceptionally beautiful and glamorous because all the eyes are going to be stuck on the princess of the day. It makes all the more difficult for you, as a bride, to choose the attire that not only looks amazing but is also very comfortable and stylish. Ditching the old and monotonous trend of sarees and simple lehengas, designers such as Shyamal Bhumika, Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, etc. have brought up a range of beautifully crafted and embroidered designer lehengas that can leave everyone agape and are sure to skip the heartbeat of the bridegroom and everyone else at your bridal appearance.

Designer Lehenga By Manish Malhotra

Wedding bells ringing and don’t know how to choose your lehenga might be a great cause of worry. But with the following options mentioned below, you can be relieved of such hassle:

Deciding the colour:

The colour of your wedding dress should be such that suits your complexion and adds to your grace. Most preferred colours for wedding dresses are red, beige, orange, pink, green and the like. Avoid dark colours for the ceremony. You can choose colour combinations or contrast lehenga cholis with intricate patterns of embroidery.

Designer Lehenga Colour

Fixing the budget:

In the hassle of wedding ceremonies and preparations, you tend to spend a lot and most of your money is wasted in not so important things. So, it is vital that you decide the budget of your wedding lehenga and shop accordingly. Famous and great fashion designers may lure you but may not suit your pockets. Visit various retail and online stores, compare the prices and choose according to your budget.

Wedding Designer Lehenga Store

Prioritize comfortability:

Your comfort should be your utmost priority because you may feel exhausted and tired performing all the wedding rituals and ceremonies. The weariness may appear on your face and ruin the charm of your big day. So, whenever you are going to purchase your wedding dress make sure that it doesn’t turn out to be itchy and uncomfortable or give you unwanted rashes.

Choose Proper Lehenga

Pay more focus to your blouse and dupatta:

Since the back side of your dupatta is more exposed near your face and is captured by the eyes of all your guests, make sure that it isn’t in a darker tone, else it’ll make your face look dull. Moreover, your designer blouse and dupatta are going to be an integral part of most of your wedding album captured by your photographer, so you are smart enough to make a wise decision.

Designer Blouse And Dupatta

Match your lehenga with your jewellery:

Mostly, people tend to buy jewellery after purchasing their lehenga but you are bound to spend more on jewellery and wear it more often than your wedding lehenga. This will help you choose the neckline of your blouse as per the design of your neckpiece. So, it is advisable that you purchase your lehenga after you select the jewellery you are going to wear on your D-day.

Wedding Jewellery

The above-mentioned tips will help you make a better choice and selection for your wedding lehenga. Enjoy shopping for your wedding.