Cufflinks – What You Need to Know About Them


Cufflinks are major accessories for any man who wants to dress in a classy and elegant manner. As anyone would know these are used in order to secure what are known as button shirt cuffs. In fact, these days they have become much more than that and for fashion-oriented men and boys, it is a piece of jewellery as much as the diamond stud on their earlobes. They can be made from a wide variety of raw materials such as glass, metals, stone, precious metals, leather, and at times combinations of these elements are used as well. Normally reverses and toggles are used in order to secure the cufflinks.

It is all about design

The usage of toggles or reverses for securing the cufflinks depends on the design of the front section in question. After all, it is the front section that is folded in position. Apart from this, you would see variations of cufflinks what with the likes of rigid bands or chains in the rear section. You can use gemstones, inset material, inlays, or enamel to decorate the cufflinks. These can also be designed in two and three-dimensional forms. Cufflinks are normally designed in order to be used in shirts that have button holes but no buttons.

Design Of Cufflinks

How can they be worn?

These can be worn as single length or double length cuffs that are also referred to as French cuffs. They can be worn in a kissing style, whereby their ends are pinched together. Yet another style to wear these is called the barrel style. In this style, one cufflink overlaps the other. It was Dan Rice, a clown, and entertainer from the 19th century. Normally, people like to wear the kissing cuffs.

Method Of Wearing Cufflinks

Design of cufflinks

The closing mechanism is an important part of the way the cufflinks are designed. These designs tend to vary a lot and the most traditional among them is the double panel design. They have a short post or chains that connect two parts that are shaped like discs. The latter style is more common. Both of the sides, in this case, can be decorated. You also get toggle back and whale-back cufflinks. On one side they have a flat decorated face and the other side only shows the swivel bar along with the post. The swivel bar is normally placed in a vertical manner and is aligned with the post. This helps you put the links on and off.

Whale Back Cufflinks

After this, the swivel bar is placed in a horizontal manner that helps hold these links in place when they are being worn. The decorated face that can be seen on the side that happens to be prominently visible is normally larger. The smaller piece can be connected with the help of a wide array of designs. It could be so small that it can be fitted through the button hole just the way a button is supposed to do. You can also separate and attach it from the other side. It could also have a part, which swivels on the central post.

Cufflinks With Design

Stylish Whale Back Cufflinks

Button Style Cufflinks


Pairs Of Cufflinks