Designer Kurtis For All Seasons

Designer Kurtis
Designer Kurtis

India is a land experiencing all types of weather conditions and so it calls for the variations in the types of clothes worn by people throughout the year. The difference in climatic conditions not only follows the change in the type of cloth material of kurtis but the overall designing is also impacted. Women have expressed their love for kurtis to the extent that they can go beyond regional boundaries to get the right material and design. Some popular kurti options are the Kashmiri kurtis from the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Chikan kurtis from Lucknow, Kantha work kurtis from Gujrat and silk kurtis from the South. These kurtis are popular not just for their exquisite and distinguished designs but also for their suitability to specific weather conditions.

Chikankari Kurti

Here is a list of the different types of kurtis that can provide you comfort in different weather conditions:

Woollen kurtis:

When winter sets in and you want the comfort of a kurti, despite it beign a summer material, you can opt for the woollen kurtis. These woollen kurtis originated in the regions of Kashmir and possess beautiful thread work embroidery that will mesmerize the wearer as well as the onlookers. You can choose vibrant or evergreen colours as per your preference.

Woollen kurtis

Cotton kurtis:

Cotton stuff is the all time favourite for women when it comes to kurtis specifically for summers. Cotton has the tendency to absorb sweat easily and give you cooling effect to beat the scorching heat of summers. When it comes to giving your cotton kurti a designer look, avoid getting it too much embellished and try to keep it simple. You can go for unique necklines or play with the style of leaves. Trend of cold shoulders is much love this season.

Cotton Kurtis

Tunic type kurti:

When you want that girly look without exposing too much, tunic type kurti is best suited for all seasons. These usually end above your knee and are fitted from neckline to your stomach. It can be pleated at the rest of the part or fall in A-line shape. Materials such as denim, cotton viol, etc. can be chosen for a warm weather and tweed, fleece, etc. are the best choice to avoid the chill.

A-line Shape Kurtis

Jacket style kurti:

Jacket style kurti is the one possessing either a short jacket on the yolk part or a long jacket below the knees. The short jacket is usually worn over a plain kurti to add colours and embellishments whereas a long jacket may be worn to protect oneself from the cold winters. The jacket may be of varied stuff like cotton, woollen, woven, georgette, etc. with intricate patterns or designs that are best suited to add all the required grace to your outfit.

long Jacket Style Kurtis

Full sleeve kurti:

Full sleeves kurtis can be worn in all weathers. Women prefer to wear full sleeve cotton kurtis to avoid tanning from burning sun’s heat and during winters, thick material of cloth are intertwined into beautiful and pretty full sleeve kurtis that lure the hearts of women from all over the globe.

Full Sleeve Kurti

Kurtis are such beautiful creations of the designers that can be worn with maximum ease and comfort by the women from all age groups during all the seasons throughout the year. Visualizing the need and demand of designer kurtis, designers are constantly engaged in bringing up something unique, new, different, sexy and chic.