High Waist Jeans: Are You Wearing it Right?

High Waist Jeans
High Waist Jeans

The high waist jeans make for one of those popular sartorial trends of the time that have actually made a comeback in the fashion front. As much as a favorite of the “fashion-forward” it is today, even a few years back, one couldn’t really see them being endorsed by the best of brands out there – primarily because it was considered to be conspicuously yesteryear.

Bollywood: How can we miss it?

However, since so many fashion trends are staging short-term and long-term comebacks, high waist jeans have blithely made its way to the wardrobe of the greatest stylists out there. Alia Bhatt, Parineeti, Deepika and the youngest fashion icon on the block – Jhanvi Kapoor have consistently demonstrated their penchant for this sartorial piece by sporting them in social dos and personal outings. How could their fans not follow suit as fast as well?

Bollywood Divas With High Waist Jeans

Should everyone wear it?

As much as it is exciting to have this piece of clothing in your wardrobe, let us tell you that high waist jeans are not really meant for every frame. These pieces are tailor-made for those having a short torso and relatively smaller frame. In fact girls with this particular body type find it challenging to find the perfect pair of jeans for themselves. A pair of high waist jeans can come to their rescue in this case. Select a pair of slightly flared high waist jeans so that your legs end up looking elongated than what they actually are.

V-Neck Top With High Waist Jeans

Team the pair up with a V-neck top. Exposing your neck will render an illusion of a longer torso. The whole look is perfect for girls with petite or boyish frames.

How can you wear them if you have a heavier upper half?

Those who have a heavier upper half can actually go on to sport them as well though it should be noted that high waist jeans are best carried by those having a toned waistline no matter whether you have a heavier upper half or a petite one. If you are larger on the top than on the bottom then you can actually go on to opt for a wide leg style. Doing this just helps you add to your lower half as well – thereby rendering just the right proportion as far as your heavier bust and thinner lower half are concerned.

High Waist Jeans For Heavier Upper Half

Do you have tummy issues?

Now, though high waist jeans -as has been iterated quite a number of times here –are primarily meant for those with toned hips, girls with tummy issues can try them as well but not without considering a waist-clinching belt. Once again, this will offer you a slimmer look with an elongated torso.

Cover Your Tummy With High Waist Jeans

Knowing your sartorial choice better

It’s important to know these nuances before you are actually getting your hand on the favourite pair of your high waist jeans. Select online or offline stores that have the due credentials – the ones that are backed by customer endorsements. Trust online stores that have the long history of serving their customers with satisfaction.

Get A Look With High Waist Jeans

Whatever physical frame you have, look the best you can do by keeping these points in view.