Know How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Eyeglasses for Your Face


Since childhood, you were so much in love with spectacles that you used to fake vision issues during the eye exams just to get a pair of spectacles. However, gradually you grew up and needed glasses. Things were no better at all. Wearing glasses made you feel like presenting yourself in a social life destroying the horrible look and badly needed a pair of Contact lenses. It was like either your glasses or else you are not complete. But those boring spectacles were awful. Days are gone when all you had to put on boring spectacles in all the occasions.

Bollywood Divas In Glasses

You are a grownup now who is happier with contacts; still as an alternative or another essential, you need a pair of specs. Nevertheless, the challenge is choosing the right pair for you. Dozens of frames are there in the market catering to various colors, styles and shapes. Price ranges are different and so your facial shape is. So, depending on your facial shape, mood and personality, let’s take a peek at this guide of choosing right specs for your face type. Get those ones, which flatter you, the most.

Before proceeding further into the guide for suitable frames, here are some basic things you need to keep in mind.

Contrast of the frame with your facial shape:

While choosing your specs, always make sure that the frame you are going to take, must be in contrast with your face. It will make you look perfect no matter what you are wearing. For instance, those who have a round facial shape, they should go for angular glasses as it will be ideal for them.

Angular Glasses For Round Shape

Proportion of the frame with your face:

The frame of your spectacles should always be proportionate with your facial shape. While shopping for a pair of sunglasses, you can choose one that is larger for a better coverage. But the same size will not be good for optical.

Perfect Sunglasses According To Your Face Shape

Color of the frame:

The color of the frame that you are choosing should compliment all your special features. As a color of the glass frame black is good to highlight the outline of your eyes. If you can find one that mixes up well with your facial shape and hair, no wonder that it will stand out in the crowd and create a different fashion statement for you.

Color Of The Frame

Facial shapes:

This one seems to be quite complicated for choosing your spectacles. No need to worry at all, here is the breakdown.

For the Heart-Shaped Faces:

Both the Aviators and Rimless glasses can be good to balance your broad forehead and narrow jaw line. They can make your chin define better with the bottom flare. Rimless ones are also on our list because of their ability to keep your face away from making it look too heavy.

Glasses And Aviators For Heart-Shaped Face

For the Narrow Faces:

Go for the taller or circular frames if you do have such a face cutting. Instead of rectangular or oval ones, the taller frames look good on narrow shaped faces. It can be better if your frame has decorative temples that will draw the viewer’s attention and your face will look broader.

Circular Frames For Narrow Face

For the Square Faces:

Choose the oval shaped specs or the rectangular ones with rounded edges for improving your jaw line and increase the visual length of your face.

Glasses For Square Faces

For the Cute Round faces:

Only the rectangular frames can elongate your face and make the distance between your eyes look broader.

Frames For Round Faces

For the Oval Faces:

If your cheekbones are broader with a narrow forehead, look for the top-heavy frames or simply the butterfly ones with their wings on the upwards direction. Cat-eye frames are also quite popular among the oval faces.

Eyeglasses For Oval Faces

So, it’s time to look pretty in your favorite eyeglasses and let us know how much useful are these tips for you. What’s more, you can share more tips if you have for choosing the perfect pair of spectacles.