Know Your Type of Bridal Gown for the Big Day

Bridal Gown For The Big Day

Whether it is just about a complete Indian wedding or an innovative fusion, bridal gowns are of utmost importance. Nowadays, women are mostly in love with the combination of contemporary yet traditional attire and elegant jewelry pieces. Thanks to the progressiveness of technology that has made it possible, to find out Indian wedding dresses online with just a few clicks. But confusion arises more when you find so many dresses at once and all of them look almost same. The way they are embellished with stones, pricey metals, and many other materials, it is natural to get confused before finalizing your choice as per the shape of your body. So, we decided to keep it short and simple by guiding you what to wear on your wedding for a ravishing look.

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First, know the exact shape of your body and it will be easier for you to narrow the selection of your wedding attire. If you are not sure about the shape you belong to, read on our guide for a better understanding.

For Pear-shaped Bodies:

When you have a small upper body and more shape is visible downwards from the waist, your body will be considered as pear-shaped. For such type of figures, detailing part on the top works better than the high neck, collared or halter neck upper sections. While choosing a bridal gown, you should focus on the v-necks and short sleeves to highlight your appealing waist and create an illusion of bigger bust line. Do not fall for the mermaid styled bridal gowns though they may look too attractive to you. A-lined gowns will be better for you to flatter your specialties.

High Neck For Pear Shaped Bodies

For Apple-shaped Bodies:

Those who have apple-shaped bodies find it too difficult to choose a perfect outfit for them. And this is not strange at all! An apple-figured body tends to have no proper size of the waist with an average bust line. It may not be true always, but choosing a bridal gown for this shape is not actually that much tough. For your figure, it is recommended to go with the soft fabrics including chiffon or georgette. This way you can ward off the common attention to the larger upper body portion and feel comfortable. Often women fall for the misconception that wearing a loose dress will hide their waist size and make them look good. But this is not the truth at all. Choose something that can complement your existing body shape and enhance your features more. Anarkali styled gowns or sharara patterns can be a win-win. And for accessories, be wise while selecting. Both your bridal gown and accessories should maintain good balance. Overdoing any of them may devastate the entire look.

Anarkali Styled Gowns

For Hourglass shaped Bodies:

So you are lucky enough to get a perfect hourglass shaped figure with large hips and enormous bust. In such a body shape, you have several options to dress up like a queen. Be it lehenga choli, anarkali suits or fusion bridal gowns, your body can be accentuated with any outfit. Off shoulder gowns, deep necks, or corsets can be the best choice to flaunt your shape like a diva. Diamond, emerald or any other precious stoned jewelry can be great to match with the gown. One thing you should never ever try out for an experiment is mermaid style gowns. With an already perfect figure, a mermaid gown will make things more exaggerated by highlighting your hips and this is quite horrible.

Off Shoulder Lehenga Choli For Hourglass Shaped Bodies

For the Petite Shaped Bodies:

Choose something that will create height and won’t make you look smaller. Lightweight bridal gowns with sharara patterns can be ideal for petite figures. So, the gown you are going to choose for your Big Day should be of some lightweight materials such as chiffon, georgette, satin etc without any heavy embellishments. V-necks or deep U-necks can be good for you, but round necks are big ‘NO’. Focus on the long sleeves to define your shape. And no matter how much you are in love with heavy dress materials, you need to avoid them strictly.

Lightweight Wedding Gown

A bridal gown, lehenga or sari – whatever your choice may be for the bridal outfit, make sure that the amalgamation of your wedding dress and jewelry will work for a gorgeous appearance.