Top 10 Designer Blouses to Flaunt This Season

Designer Blouses

Designer blouses are the latest craze in the fashion industry today. Even a plain and dull sari can be easily turned into a centre of attraction of any social gathering by pairing it with a designer blouse. Thanks to the emergence of designer blouses, even typical Indian traditional saris, which were shown the back door some years ago, have their way back to all kinds of parties and functions with some extra oomph. Without breaking off from their roots, Indian women are now ready to experiment every change that comes their way as far as fashion is concerned and saris and blouses are no exception to the rule. Be it a lavish wedding or any other grand or simple function, designer blouses are a common preference not just among to-be-brides but also amongst the main members of the house. Every alternate female guest can be seen flaunting these dazzling and embellished blouses, and this further adds to the glamour value of the function.

Here are the top 10 designer blouses that are popular not only amongst celebrities and fashion designers but also among ladies from all walks of life:

Rectangular Cut Designer Blouses:

These blouses come with a deep neck. To support the deep neck, a thin string adorned beautifully with pearls or beads at the end is tied across the neck of the blouse at the back. These beads that are matched carefully with the intricate zardozi work of the blouse further augment the overall beauty of the blouse. Some women prefer matching their designer blouses with the colour of their sari while few choose to use their rectangular blouse in contrast with their sari. Off-white, neon pink, golden and black are some commonly favoured shades in rectangular cut designer blouses.

Rectangular Cut Designer Blouses

Designer Blouses with Laces:

Although very simple, these lace blouses look elegant with net as their main fabric. Generally, the lace of such a blouse is matched with the lace of the sari to offer an extremely delicate and sophisticated appearance to the person wearing it. Usually light in colour, these designer blouses with different cuts, shapes, and laces have recently become very popular among sari lovers.

Designer Blouses with Laces

Backless Designer Blouse:

One needs a lot of confidence to flaunt a backless designer blouse and this is the main reason why these types of blouses are popular more among the elite section of society. These blouses look stunning and charming, given that the woman wearing it is able to walk gracefully and confidently. The blouse is held firm with the help of a noodle string at the back which is decorated with pearls at its ends. There is a very fine band at its very bottom. This band is also decorated with silver or golden studs to offer the blouse a more sensuous look.

Backless Designer Blouse

Blouse with Boat-Shaped Neck:

As the name suggests, the neck of these designer blouses is cut in a boat shape and at both the shoulders it is tied with noodle straps. Again, these sleeveless blouses are commonly favoured by Bollywood divas and fashion celebrities who can carry them with dignity and poise.

Blouse with Boat-Shaped Neck

Designer Net Blouses:

Designer net blouses are considered most stylish and royal these days, especially when complemented with an equally beautiful sari. In some of these blouses, only the upper portion is made of net which makes the sari look all the more sophisticated. This part of the blouse is further decorated with different types of stones or a shimmer cloth is used as lining to provide more elegance to the wearer.

Designer Net Blouses

Embellished Long-Sleeve Blouses:

Recently, many international fashion designers have taken a fancy to long-sleeve blouses. Paired usually with a lehenga or sari, these blouses embellished with fascinated beads and stones give a very rich look to the entire outfit. Long-sleeve designer blouses are a common choice for weddings and other functions, since they completely transform the look of any attire and give it a very graceful and traditional touch.

Embellished Long-Sleeve Blouses

‘V’ Cut Designer Blouses:

Simple and yet modish, ‘V’ cut designer blouses are loved by one and all around the entire globe. A studded lace at the arms and back make these blouses simple and yet stylish in appearance. Some women prefer a thin lace at the neck as well. Most of these blouses have a ‘V’ shaped neck in the front and a round neck at the back which provides them with a contemporary look.

‘V’ Cut Designer Blouses

Round Neck Blouses:

These blouses are traditionally round-cut in front and at the back as well. The intricate stone-work, zardosi or kundan work at the outlines of the neck is the primary reason for the everlasting impression created by this blouse. Since this designer blouse features a very deep cut at the back, a thin noodle string is attached at both corners of the cut to add some more glamour to it.

Round Neck Blouses

High Neck Designer Blouses:

There were times when people preferred only high neck blouses. At that time, there were limited designs in the market and people emphasised more on saris. However, today this pattern is in vogue again and has captured the attention of several fashion designers who are exploring new ways to give a contemporary tinge to high neck blouses. As embellished blouses are the new craze, these blouses also have intricate designs at the neck and at lower back. There is no need to wear a neckpiece with this pattern. Only long ‘Jhumkas’ or earrings are enough to look great in a party.

High Collar Neck Blouse

Blouses with Patterns at the Back:

In order to add new dimensions to designer blouses, many designers have come up with the idea of unique and beautiful back designs. Most of the designer blouses in the round-neck and square-neck category have stylish designs at the back.

Although any type of blouse can help you make a stunning appearance at an event regardless of what sari or lehenga it is paired with, it is advised to choose one that best suits your comfort and body type. Ultimately, it is possible to carry off a designer blouse elegantly only if you feel absolutely confident in it.

Blouses with Patterns at the Back

Blouse With Lace

Deep V Neck Blouse Design

Designer Blouse

Embroidery designer Blouse

Rectangular Cut Designer Blouse

Round Neck Blouse

Traditional Blouse Design

Saree Blouse Neck Designs

Simple Backless Blouse