Types of Tattoos for Tattoo Lovers

Different Types of Tattoos
Different Types of Tattoos

With the advent of technology and change in fashion trends, people have started adoring new ways of beautifying and objectifying themselves. The youth has been crazy in trying something different that makes them look fashionable and acceptable in the society. The craze for getting them tattooed has been recently hyped. Tattoos highlight the nature or symbolises the attitude of a person towards his life and the society.

There are numerous types of tattoos that can be inked on different parts of your body. The list is endless but you must ensure that the tattoo maker uses the sterilized material for inking your body. Visit a perfectionist who may charge a bit extra but provides you with the desired accuracy and flawless tattoo.

Following are some of the types of tattoos that are favourite amongst people these days:

Lettering and Ambigrams:

Many clients prefer lettering in different font styles. They either prefer their own names or the names of their beloved or anything about their nature and behaviour. Ambigrams are those type of tattoos which include combinations of two words in a single word. One must choose a font style that is easy to read.

Lettering and Ambigrams Tattoo Design

Tribal tattoos:

Different cultures have their own styles of tattoos that represent something or the other. Some tattoos express bravery while others represent the crossing of a milestone in one’s life, some tattoos show their belongingness towards their culture while others were treated as a mark of identification. These tattoos are usually black in colour and comprise of geometric designs.

Tribal Tattoos

Black and grey tattoos:

These tattoos are a mixture of black and grey ink that is used to show 3-D effect without the use of different colours. At times, white ink is also used to add the sharp lines. Black and grey tattoos are heavily shaded ones.

Black And Grey Tattoos

Fine line tattooing:

Fine line tattoos are made possible with the help of improved technology, machines, and needles. These are used to create intricate lines accurately. A portrait or delicate look tattoo is popular among fine line tattoos.

Fine Line Geometric Tattoos

Religious tattoos:

The trend of religious tattoos came from Egypt where Romans used to ink across on the wrist to signify themselves as being true Christians. Now many people get various religious symbols inked on their back, shoulder or arms.

Religious Tattoos

Coloured tattoos:

Coloured tattoos involve the use of the ink of different colours. These colours can be bright or subtle depending on the vivid imagination of the artist or the choice of the client.

Coloured Tattoos


Portrait tattoos are extremely difficult to make but that is what art is. An expert tattoo maker can make it easily stressing on each and every feature with great importance.

Portraits Pattoos

Gothic or horror tattoos:

Also known as ‘Lowbrow art’, these tattoos include strange faces or images to grab the attention of passers-by. These bizarre and symbolic scenes are not much common but can be chosen as an art.

Gothic Or Horror Tattoos

Getting oneself inked is not a new trend. It has been prevalent since long but with the advent of latest machines, needles, inks, technology, etc., everything has been made possible and this has grabbed the attention of many people across the globe.